From July 1st 2015, all children under 13 are eligable for zero fees general practice visits at Te ngae Medical Centre.  The ‘zero fees’ scheme is part of the Government 2014 Budget and also includes children under 13 being exempt for the standard $5.00 pharmacy charge for each presecription.

What does the Scheme Cover?

The zero fees scheme applies to a standard visit to a GP or nurse at the child’s regular practice (where they are enrolled) and also applies to injuries covered by ACC. If you choose to attend a practice where you child is not enrolled, you may be charged a fee.

Fees for extended consultations, procedures and any additional services e.g. cetificates or equipment, willb e charged in the usual way.

Pharmacy Presription Charges

From July 1 2015, the $5 charge for each item of prescription medicine will be removed for children under-13, though pharmacies may charges for extra services such as medicines delivery or packaging. Fees for medicines that are not fully funded by Pharmac remain the same. Check with your pharmacist about any additional fees.