Covid-19 News

Level 2 – Te  Ngae Medical Centre

Most services will be up and running at Te Ngae Medical Centre, but you should be aware of a few exceptions.

-50% of appointments with nurses and doctors are still to be virtual (by telephone or video)

-In-person visits should be preceded by telephone assessment

-Driving medicals are still on hold—NZTA is honouring a 6 month grace period from the beginning of lockdown back in March

-Pilot medicals are being done

-No walk in urgent clinic for now. If you need to be seen, please call the front desk for an appointment.

-No spirometry, no Aclasta infusions

-We will limit the number of patients in our waiting room and observe safe distancing between patients

-We will continue to have a dedicated “hot area”, separate from the rest of the surgery, where patients with any respiratory symptoms will be reviewed.

-Services available: cervical smears, childhood and other imms, depo jabs, B12 jabs, iron infusions, bp checks, minor surgeries.

Although we are now on Alert Level 2, we do not yet have lab services back up and running here at Te Ngae Medical Centre, please continue to have any necessary labwork done at Pathlab, 1225 Haupapa Street. Currently they are open 7am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.

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