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Christmas and New Year closing

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Dr Susana Flores

Dr Emma Laing

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Cheaper fees for those with a current Community Services card!

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Accession, the new patient portal is proving effective

Learn more about dementia, what it is like to live with this condition and how you can help to create a dementia-friendly environment by watching this video:

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Te Ngae Staff cook and serve the meal for Lovesoup Rotorua

Doctors provide first aid assistance at local forest relay

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Te Ngae Medical Centre, finalist in the Westpac Rotorua Business Excellance Awards

Inside Eastside Rotorua

We are excited to be able to support LoveSoup

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Publicly funded influenza programme has been extended to 31st August

Sore Throats and Rheumatic Fever

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Are you and your family fully vaccinated against the Measles virus?

Influenza vaccinations have arrived!

Sometimes the best medicine is a dose of physical activity

Te Ngae Medical are now a Southern Cross Easy-claim provider

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Zika Virus

Merry Christmas from all the doctors and staff

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3D story on Gardasil which screened on 9th November 2015

Practice hours over the Christmas period

Farewell to Yvonne Chadwick

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Free visits for children aged under 13 years from July 1st!!

Change in nurses

We would like to welcome Dr Sam Whittaker

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Influenza Vaccines have arrived

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Threat of contamination of infant formula

Update on Influenza Vaccine

Accreditation for Te Ngae Medical Centre

Welcome to Dr Ron Vail

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Introducing Dr Rosemary Bond

Dr Maryke Griessel

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Dr Rosalie

Free Rotovirus vaccine

Influenza vaccine

Measles alert in Rotorua

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