New patients and enrolling

Enrolment requirements

Welcome! If you wish to register at our practice, the Ministry of Health require all patients enrolling at a practice to complete an enrolment form and provide personal identification.  If you wish to change practices the same information requirement applies but you may wish to advise the new practice you are transferring from, as you are not able to enrol in more than one practice.

The enrolment form may be downloaded here as well as our patient and family medical form or you may prefer to call in and collect a copy from reception.

When you present to reception with the enrolment papers, the Ministry of Health require us to view and hold

  • a copy of some specific personal identification for each patient we enrol – you could bring  your current passport, birth certificate.  This rule applies to all children also.
  • a form of photo identification (eg drivers licence), and a current copy of any document that gives your home address (eg rates, electricity account).
  • a copy of your residency or work permit if you are not a New Zealand citizen.

Parents wishing to enrol children under 16 years of age, do not need to complete separate enrolment paperwork for each child, as they can be added to the parents enrolment form.

The Ministry of Health will not accept your practice enrolment until we have verified we have filed copies of all of the required information. That means they do not provide any funding until the enrolment process is completed. If you need to see a doctor before your enrolment has been completed, you can make an appointment to see your doctor but will be regarded as a “casual patient’ which attracts a higher fee than when you are fully enrolled.

Now you are enrolled

We will request your medical information from your previous doctor’s practice.  Te Ngae Medical Centre accept and transfer patient information in the printed form.  Procedures are in place to ensure information is sent securely between providers and to ensure we adhere to the strict privacy requirements.

Once you have completed the forms and provided the identification you are enrolled. Te Ngae Medical will then start to receive funding (called capitation) from the Ministry of Health for you and any of your family members who are enrolled. This funding subsidises the doctor’s fee for standard General Practice services.

As a new patient at Te Ngae Medical Centre, we will make an appointment for you at the practice.  Your first appointment may be with a nurse who will review your medication list and complete some basic medical measurements such as height, weight, pulse and blood pressure.  Please could you arrive five minutes prior to your appointment time so we can verify personal information such as family members, your personal email and phone numbers and contact details for your next of kin etc.

If you have any further questions about enrolment eligibility or other issues please call us on 07 3456627, the Ministry of Health line – 0800 252 464 or the Ministry website

Some additional information about your enrolment

Once you have enrolled you may be asked to complete the enrolment forms again if you have not needed to see your doctor for three years or  we need further verification of residency or visas.

If you have married or changed your name, please let us know and we will ask you to verify this change on your enrolment form.  This is a requirement of the Ministry of Health.

If you are going to work overseas or leaving New Zealand for more than 183 days per year please notify us as we will need to discuss your eligibility to enrol with a doctor.  Under the Ministry of Health requirements, you must be in New Zealand for more than 183 days in any calendar year to be eligible to enrol and receive government funding  at any medical practice.