Medical Certificates

We provide a number of medical certificates such as for for government departments, insurance or work agencies, driving and employment medicals, diving certification and are a specialist centre for pilot medicals.

We do ask for payment of your fee before you collect the completed medical forms.

Please let the reception staff know you are coming for a medical when you make your appointment for any of the following medical examinations:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Pilot
  • Divers (commercial and recreational)
  • Pre employment
  • Insurance
  • Government agencies – WINZ, War Pensions….

Insurance Medicals

Insurance companies may request a medical report when you want so take out or change your insurance.  We can perform these insurance medicals at Te Ngae Medical Centre.  Often your insurance company will send us forms or requests for information when you have noted Te Ngae Medical Centre is your designated practice.   As a courtesy, when we receive these requests, we phone you to ensure you are happy for us to release information. You can confirm acceptance by phone.

If you have a form sent to you for a medical examination, please complete the form as much as possible prior to your appointment as this will save time when you come.  If you have questions we may be able to assist you with these.

Please let the reception staff know you are coming for a medical so we can ensure we have the right staff and time available.

The report takes some time to collate, so we will ask you to return to collect the report 1-2 days after your visit or we can fax or email it to your insurer if you prefer.

As with all medicals examinations at Te Ngae Medical Centre we ask that you pay for the consultation and report prior to our releasing the document.

Pilot medicals

Te Ngae Medical Centre has two doctors who are registered with CAA as Medical Examiners for CAA.

Please call us to make an appointment for your medical examination.

  • If this is your first CAA medical you may require 1 ½ – 2 hours
  • If this is a repeat medical you will require 1 hour.
  • At the time of making your appointment you are required to advise the administration staff of the receipt number from CAA and day and date paid

The requirements for the medical certificate are outlined on the CAA web site –

The application for the pilots medical can be found on

Please bring the following with you

  • A completed form. If you have questions with some of the information we can assist.
  • Photo identification
  • Your prescription glasses and / or contact lenses for your eye test.
  • If your previous pilot medical was not at Te Ngae Medical Centre, please bring a copy of your previous Medical report (MAR).